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MBTI – Client Feedback

“Turned a sceptic into a committed advocate of using personality typing in to a valuable leadership tool.”

“Knowing my MBTI helped me to understand how I interact with those I work with.”

“It increased my self-awareness and more importantly increased my awareness of others. MBTI has improved my leadership by allowing me to exploit my natural self.”

“Keith has helped me understand how I need to tailor my approach when dealing with my staff to ensure I am less inflexible.”

“Significantly improved my self-awareness and provided an excellent conceptual model for analysis of relationships and other issues. Keith’s enthusiasm and experience helped bring MBTI alive for me.”

“Whilst I was aware of learning styles, and indeed my own style, pretty well, what I found useful about Keith’s feedback was his ability to demonstrate, through analogy, the impact of my frenetic and chaotic style on more structured people. Personally, this really made me reflect on the impact of my working style on my staff, and I have consciously tried to adjust my natural management style accordingly.”

“The in-depth self-awareness garnered from the MBTI process is exceptional. The MBTI proved invaluable in articulating and conglomerating my understanding of myself, allowing me to see myself as the world does and understanding how I could use my personal attributes for self and group benefit.”