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HDS Feedback

Results from Client Feedback – Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

“It was useful to have the negative traits identified, this gave me the chance to recognise and modify my behaviours, but I found it difficult to keep “watching myself”

“To know and understand my counter-productive traits is an invaluable asset to becoming a capable leader. I was very happy with the Hogan feedback”

“The HDS highlights leadership aspects that are normally hidden from view. Participation is an enlightening experience!”

“This tool was fascinating, especially the dark side of my leadership style”

“HDS was a fascinating exercise, but was more a reaffirmation for me of the previous two tools. Again, Keith was clearly an expert in the tool’s application, and could demonstrate how my strengths could, under stress, negatively impact me and those around me”

“This study was particularly enlightening. It pinpointed immediately my desire to please and my dutiful character which, as the analysis rightly concluded, leads to procrastination and the need for a second opinion on the trickier decisions in life”

“The HDS confirmed that a number of facets of my behaviour that I knew could have negative consequences probably were having negative consequences! It also highlighted a few new risk areas”

“I frequently operate under “stress” so this analysis helped my awareness of potential behaviour to seek to control and understand”