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Coaching – Client Feedback

“The development coaching has helped me make the leap from being a good manager to a leader”

“Keith has been inspirational in his leadership development over the last 2 years and will be sorely missed when he leaves. His friendly and good-natured approach ensures that his one-to-one sessions feel more like chatting to a best friend than black and white office feedback”

“Having worked with a number of coaches Keith stands out for being able to impart tremendous knowledge and expertise about the theories that underpin the psychometric tools in a really clear and accessible way. The result is a really in-depth understanding of behaviour, personality and interactions which is never less than enlightening and thought provoking. Keith is an excellent coach with a gifted manner”

“Keith has been an excellent coach. He has been able to utilise the tools to assist me in my development and really relate them to me to help me to understand my leadership style, motivations and behaviours”

“Keith has the knack – whatever the knack is. He knows the business, the theory and has the personal skills to deliver”

“Keith has a deep knowledge and understanding of each of the coaching/development tools he uses. He also understands and gets on with people very well, and coupled with his knowledge of the profiles has a very good coaching technique. This has helped me to better understand my leadership strengths and development areas and subsequently work to develop myself”

“Keith provides the opportunity to step back, review objectively your performance and agree sensible, achievable steps to improve”