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360 Degrees

360 Degree Reporting – Client Feedback

“I developed better understanding of how others perceive me allowing me to adapt my leadership style depending on the situation”

“360 degree gives a level of feedback from peers which is often not possible to obtain. This has helped me understand how my team perceives me and my leadership style”

“Everyone should be exposed to a 360 degree feedback! It shows how inadequate other feedback mechanisms are”

“The 360 degree feedback was a valuable tool in developing my leadership style. It allowed me to see my strengths and development areas from a wide range of peers”

“The 360 degree feedback process provides perspective. We work in a world were other people are essential to our lives and thus reading their anonymous and candid comments provides insight into how to maximize our relations. The anonymous nature of the feedback adds a certain weight to the process, as one feels reassured that the truth will out!”

“Keith was outstanding at utilising the power of the 360 feedback to help me develop”

“Keith was very good at contextualising the feedback; helping me understand the relevance of scores and identify the salient points. I had one particularly negative respondee and Keith helped me balance that view (not write it off or rationalise it) so that I could internalise the core of the messages”