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The aim of Hogan Development Survey (HDS), sometimes called The Dark Side,  is to help leaders build more constructive relationships and to avoid the habits and dysfunctional behaviours that could derail them.

Developed in the 1990’s and based on studies of CEO’s, the Hogan Development Survey was designed to identify prominent personality features and the patterns of behaviour that best define a person’s interpersonal style.   Because these are distinctive characteristics and typically what sets people apart from other people, they are likely to have played a critical role in shaping careers and achievements.

However, when they become extreme, these same characteristics can be counterproductive and even dysfunctional if they are not managed effectively.  They can disrupt relationships and interfere with the achievement of career goals.

HDS feedback helps leaders to see where they risk displaying these potential dysfunctional characteristics and how they may be coming across to those around them. Most of us are unaware of the aspects of our interpersonal behaviour that need improvement, either because we are oblivious to them, or because no one has given us feedback about our behaviour.

The 11 dimensions that the HDS report identifies are:

Enthusiastic-Volatile (Excitable) –  Do you find yourself feeling annoyed when your high expectations are not meet?

Shrewd-Mistrustful (Sceptical) – When does your well tuned ‘radar’ start to go wrong?

Careful-Cautious (Cautious) – When does your careful approach stop you from doing things?

Independent-Detached (Reserved) – When does your independent voice become the isolated hermit?

Focused-Passive Aggressive (Leisurely) – Is your work really more important than others?

Confident-Arrogant (Bold) – When does your confidence lead you to become ‘overbearing’ to others?

Charming-Manipulative (Mischievous) – When does your ability to charm and influence others lead you to overextend yourself and risk a fall?

Vivacious-Dramatic (Colourful) – When does your willingness to be in the spotlight make you lose your focus?

Imaginative-Eccentric (Imaginative) – Do you have so many great ideas that nothing ever gets finished?

Diligent-Perfectionistic (Diligent) – When does your perseverance become painfully obsessive compulsive behaviour to others?

Dutiful-Dependent (Dutiful) – When does your willingness to please others make you too compliant?

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