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A well functioning team/management board can accomplish more, and often better, work than an individual or even a group of individuals working independently.  Teams and Management Boards provide different perspectives on problems, give mutual support for achieving objectives and have a shared sense of accomplishment. Yet they also present challenges because they call upon individuals with differing points of view to work closely together to accomplish strategic goals.  Members of a team or a management board need to know how to listen and communicate with one another, and to truly understand how others see the world and prefer to work. This way they can bring out the best in one another and help to achieve greater collective success.

I work with Teams and Management Boards to help them:

  • Identify strengths and potential challenges

  • Work around or at least minimize potential blind spots

  • Improve individual or group abilities to solve problems, communicate and use conflict constructively

  • Maximize the natural advantages that result from the similarities and differences of team members

  • Develop team and individual action plans with specific steps to help improve performance


In doing so I offer a range of tailored team building workshop interventions, including:

  • MBTI & Stress/Conflict, Change and Decision Making

  • Team Charter

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • SWOT analysis

  • Communication

  • Tuckman Team maturity model

I can also offer the MBTI Team Report which is designed to help teams and Management Boards function more effectively.  The Team Report can help each member to better understand how his or her team/board works, and how they fit into it. Knowing about personality type can increase the quality of interactions among team/board members.