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360 Degree Feedback – Corporate

A 360° process can be extremely developmental, particularly when used as part of a carefully constructed coaching programme. The 360° report allows us to look at how others, including your Line Manager, peers and direct reports, as well as customers and suppliers, are perceiving you and your behaviours.

For some people 360° feedback can result in some “light bulb” moments of enlightenment about performance where other methods have failed. In fact some people say they are not quite the same after their 360° report! However, there is no guarantee that development will take place with a 360° report. The data can be reviewed and perfectly understood, but unless you have the will and commitment to change it will make little difference. It also requires an ability for you to see what the data really means for you and for your future. Understanding the impact that your behaviours have on others is the key to transformation.

In my experience powerful coaching on the 360° report is what really makes the difference. Being challenged yet supported on working through the report leads to significantly more learning.

With a specialist coach you can:

  • Explore what might be the underlying cause of certain patterns,

  • Start to get really clear on what might be the impact on your future success of behaving a certain way.

  • Identify your strengths and how you use these

  • Unpick any disappointment about poor ratings and identify why these may have come about.

  • Start to target specific areas for development, ask for support, and plan for the future, identifying development goals and targets.

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