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Corporate Coaching

In these times of change and uncertainty it is more important than ever to have leaders who can take their organization, group or team forward and meet the challenges that they face successfully.

Coaching can help companies to:

  • Reduce staff turnover – it can cost up to £50,000 to replace one middle ranking manager
  • Reduce the number of  days lost due to staff stress – poor leadership and people management is one of the main causes of stress in the workplace
  • Improve morale – making it a place where people want to work
  • Increase productivity – well lead teams produce better results


Even the most capable, confident and successful leader can gain something from a good coaching relationship. Also, those that have recently found themselves in positions where their leadership skills are called upon evermore need some initial support during those early days. And finally, those who aspire to leadership roles can gain an understanding of the areas that they need to emphasis and those that they need to develop so that when the do achieve the promotion they are best able to provide the strategic direction and vision that will be expected of them

Coaching can help leaders and aspiring leaders to:

  • become more self-aware, particularly of their strengths
  • understand their impact on others and where this comes from
  • understand how and why those around them react as they do
  • motivate their teams and engage their stakeholders more effectively
  • inspire and influence those around them
  • deliver yet higher level results and maximize their effectiveness

Research shows us that leadership behaviours have a direct impact on employee engagement and performance. I coach senior leaders and managers to help them better understand their own leadership styles and behaviours and how they can maximise their strengths and develop their areas form improvement. My coaching is directly linked to the organisational needs and the aim is to help leaders deliver both the vision and direction that will meet, and then exceed, the organisational performance expectation.

Psychometrics lies at the heart of my approach and I utilise a variety of instruments allowing leaders to gain valuable insights into themselves through objective one-to-one feedback.

Follow this link to see what feedback my clients have given about my coaching.

I can also deliver a series of highly successful workshops covering topics such as Change, Stress, Communication and Decision Making, all of which help individuals, boards and teams develop their inter-relationships and to gain an insight into how their own perspective shapes how they approach these key aspects and how this may differ from others.