LeaderFocus Features

The videos on this page highlight some of the key features of LeaderFocus


LeaderFocus: The following videos demonstrate the features within each section in more depth. These sections will continuously cycle through at a frequency you set within the 'Settings'

Leadership Tips

LeaderFocus provides a wide range of Leadership Tips and Techniques. A new topic is presented every day, or you can browse the LeaderFocus tip index.

Choose your focus

Within LeaderFocus you are able to identify those tasks that you need to focus on. Each day you will be reminded what these key tasks are

Review your focus a day at a time

Each day you can review the list of things you are currently focusing on and choose to hide things you won't work on today.

You can choose in the app settings when the list gets reset to all items again or you can un-hide the items by using the manual 'un-hide' icon.

Review your short-term tasks

Your up coming meetings and deadlines can be displayed in a number of ways to allow you to choose what to focus on. To choose where your focus should be, use the display icon to select the view that works best for you from Urgency, Importance, Urgency vs. Importance and Dynamic size and speed views

Delegated Responsibilities

LeaderFocus enables you to maintain a watch on those responsibilities that you have delegated to others. You can view your delegations by Urgency, Importance, Urgency v Importance or by name of those responsible

Bubble tips

Bubble Tips are little reminders and prompts to help you think about your role as a Leader. The frequency they appear can be set in the configuration settings.

Comprehensive help

The context sensitive help provides guidance on how to use the numerous features within the App and also give you tips on how you can get the most out of using LeaderFocus.

Flexible configuration

LeaderFocus is simple to use but has comprehensive settings to allow you to use it the way that suits you best